Flyfishing report: Trout - Winterberg & Stormberg

Date of Report: Tuesday, 30th August 2022
Name: Martin Davies
Phone: 082 398 1088 or 046 622 4423


Thrift of course is still overflowing and a number of fish have been taken in the river below the dam. Following high winds the upper end of Thrift Dam which is shallow tends to become very discoloured but clarity throughout the dam is slowly improving.

On the other side of the Winterberg at Redcliffe the Ventnor Dam is fishing exceptionally well with catches up to 30 per day averaging about 650g to 1kg. At the other dam, Delton the population is much lower but the average size of fish far larger.

Martin has had to go out with his volunteers on a number of occasions to undertake netting to secure sufficient ova for the Grahamsown and Ventnor hatcheries for stocking in the next year. At the moment it appears that despite these additional netting trips he may be a bit short of ova. This problem has been exacerbated by the fact that he was invoved in an accident yesterday when his 25 year old Pajero bakkie hit cattle on the road at night time. Although Martin came out of it unscathed his old bakkie did not and may have to be written off.

Stormberg (Queenstown area)

Reg Morgan, chair of the Queenstown Fly Fishing Club ( is out of reach at the moment but following the very succesful Gathering event in July we hear that the good level of flyfishing results has been maintained with some browns now appearing in the catches.

Also in the Stormberg area, Vicky Bell at Highland Lodge reports that their dams are also brim full which means that the total area under water is as much as 50 hectares this winter. This of course has given an extra boost to the fast growth of fish in these fertile waters and the spring fishing promises to be excellent. With the weather becomimg warmer Highland Lodge are preparing for the groups booked in for Sept/Oct. This venue has its own hatchery and fingerlings for stocking the dams are also supplemented with fish from Wolf Avni, the Hogsback hatchery and Martin Davies’ hatchery.

Somerset East

Alan Hobson of the Angler& Antelope reports that their dams are full, and they are having excellent fishing in the Bosberg dams (Mountain & Charlton dams) and at Glen Avon. Good to see the odd brown appearing in the Mountain catch reports. The Kareebosch and Buffelshoek dams were restocked with 15cm trout in May and as fish in these waters grow out fast at 200g per month or more these dams will be ready for fishing in 6 weeks’ time. Also, the Little Fish was stocked for the first time since 2014 and these youngsters will also be growing out quickly. The only water that has not been restocked is the Paul’s River. Provided there are normal summer rains later on the outlook in the coming 12 months is excellent.


A 70 cm rainbow from Thrift.


A plus 14lb hen from a Stormberg dam – exact location not disclosed.