Flyfishing report: Trout - East Free State & Lesotho

Date of Report: Thursday, 25th August 2022
Name: Andre Burger
Phone: 083 632 8729

Eastern Free State.

This area is at last returning to its position of being one of the more important and beautiful trout fishing districts in the country. The Little Caledon is once again producing good fishing after the devasting drought several years ago. Not only are most of the privately owned dams in the Clarens area well stocked, but there is once again good fishing in the Fouriesburg area. Andre has encouraged the stocking of a  dam on the farm Welgelegend, which is situated at 1800 metres altitude and also has the advantage of being 8 metres deep. This stillwater has good potential.

Also, a new offering in river fishing is the Ash River Drift by Mavungana. The Ash River, which is part of the Lesotho Highlands Project, is the discharge from the Katse Dam in Lesotho. This is a sizeable flow of water which never exceeds 15C° in temperature and thus is an ideal trout water from the exit tunnel at Clarens and for a number of kilometres downstream. The low temperatures induce the trout to spawn over a long period hence the river has a good population of wild fish. The riparian area is privately owned and angling from the banks is often difficult. This problem has been overcome by Mavungana through the use of a drift boat. Mavungana have also taken over Zaaihoek and have one other stillwater which is being developed as a trophy dam. Contact man at Mavungana is Gareth Reid but he is unfortunately off sick. in the meantime please contact Mavungana at phone 071 6871707 email

Lesotho report.

The Makhangoa Community Camp and in fact most of the trout fishing in Lesotho has been closed now that we are into the snow season. Makhangoa has had one its most successful seasons ever with an excellent migration of yellows in the Bokong River from the now full Katse Dam which was followed by some good trout fishing in April/May once the yellows started to drop back into the dam. Makhangoa will reopen in November.


Drift Fishing on the Ash.


A nice fish from the Fouriesburg Dam