Flyfishing report: Trout - East Free State & Lesotho

Date of Report: Friday, 16th February 2024
Name: Andre Burger
Phone: 083 632 8729

Eastern Free State.

Andre has been quite ill and had to be hospitalized and we wish him a speedy recovery. Although the Klein Caledon has fished well until recently as have some of the local stillwaters it is really too hot for trout and most of the local flyfishers are targeting yellows at Sterkfontein. There is an interesting exception to this and that is the Ash River Drift Fishery -

Mavungana who have appointed Nathan Pahl (071 6871707) has access to 10km of the upper Ash starting where it discharges from the outlet of the pipe from Katse Dam. The temperature of this water seldom rises above 13°C so there is good year-round fishing for wild bred rainbows. Mavungana also has sole access to a stillwater, Mountain Dam, which is open to trout fishing from April to September.

Lesotho report.

At the Makhangoa Community Camp the yellowfishing in the Bokong River continues to be good but after a mid-summer period of heavy flow the river is quite low as a result of a recent hot dry period. The are plenty of yellows in the river on their summer spawning migration plus the odd trout but one now must be extra careful in the crystal clear and low water.  Also of note is that with the Katse being full the estuary is close to the camp and good catches of both yellows and trout have also been taken in this bit of water.


The Ash River fishery.