Flyfishing report: Saltwater - South Coast

Date of Report: Tuesday, 13th September 2022
Name: Arthur Cary
Phone: 076 3120417

This month is the same as it has been for the past few months, so bad in fact that individual fly anglers are not even trying in the salt, so it is not worth giving a report. Even the bait anglers are not trying very hard, as the shad are virtually no est. The occasional brusher and salmon come out, but that is about all. I’m not sure why that is, as our water has on occasions not been too bad

If things improve I’ll drop you a line in October. 

SCFA Club events for the next month are:





14 Sept

Fly tying workshop

Neil’s home

18h15 for 18h30

14 Sept

Grub ‘n travel meeting

Neil’s home

After fly tying

23 to 26 Sep

Trout outing

Silver streams


29 Sept

Monthly meeting

Umtentweni Tennis Club

18h00 for 18h30






South Coast scene