Flyfishing report: Trout - Mpumalanga

Date of Report: Tuesday, 30th January 2024
Name: Peter Arderne
Phone: 0118823051


John Hunter at the Village Angler reports that the fishing has been slow at times which is not surprising at the hottest time of the year. At least the good rains have continued which have kept dams full and waters a bit cooler. Although most fishing has been done with well sunk flies with damsel patterns popular dries have also elicited a good response as there are lots of grasshoppers around at this time of year. Day tickets may be bought at the Village Angler for the DFFA’s Jansens Dam.

At Mavungana which also has good day ticket fishing on their Laverpa dams the fishing has been slow as expected in mid-summer with most clients fishing fairy deep with damsel, dragon and blood work patterns. Their trophy dam at Bird of Prey remains closed until the cooler weather in April.

Stocking of Transvaal Fly Fishers Club (TFFC) waters will only resume in mid to late March.

Remember to be very careful with catch and release at this time of year. Use barbless hooks, get the fish in as quickly as possible and it is always best to release the fish in the water without netting it or placing it on the bank.


Werner Wessels, chairman of the club at ( states that although they have had plenty of rain the river is flowing strongly but clear and certainly fishable. They have also had quite a bit of bank clearing done to cut back bushes which were blocking access. Please note that the river will be closed on Feb 4 and 5 for the annual tube race. The Sabie Trout Club keeps the river well stocked with both rainbows and browns and there is also a good number of wild bred trout in the stream plus some indigenous chiselmouths. Day tickets may be purchased at Merry Pebbles and Uvuvi in Sabie or Angling and Outdoors in Nelspruit.


Sabie River.