Flyfishing report: Trout - Western Cape

Date of Report: Monday, 5th September 2022
Name: Vikki Geldenhuys (Cape Piscatorial Society Secretary)
Phone: 081 826 0835

The rivers.

The rivers reopened on September 1 but very few went fishing this last weekend due to very stormy weather which hit the area. The rain is not unwelcome as so far it has been a drier winter compared to the last two years. As expected, the Elandspad/Smalblaar system is flowing strongly and probably these streams need to fine down a bit before they become more fishable, especially for dryfly. The Holsloot on the other hand, being a managed river with a dam at the headwaters should be flowing at optimum level. There are a couple of bookings for the Witte later in the month and it will be interesting to see how the anglers fare as this stream has been little fished for the last couple of years while the Bains Kloof Pass road has been closed for repairs.

Note that the CPS River Festival is scheduled for 25 to 27 November. Details are at


The dam is standing at 83% and the expected increase in level has not taken place as it has been a much drier winter compared to 2022. The dam was restocked 2 months ago with both browns and rainbows of about 15 to 22cm size plus some smaller rainbows to see how they cope in the face of bass predation. This dam has been well utilised by members every  weekend up to 22/23 October, but is pretty open during the mid-week period. One of the failings is that some members are not reporting of their catches which is something the committee will have to address. However, the odd report in the CPS Facebook page indicates that the fishing has been pretty good.

La Ferme.

This stillwater fishery near Franschoek has advised us that they stocked their dams with trout in May. Some of the dams are also stocked with other species such as bass and carp.


A buttery brown hen from the Witte – photo courtesy of Leonard Flemmimg.