Flyfishing report: Saltwater - Upper South Coast

Date of Report: Monday, 8th August 2022
Name: Martin Smuts
Phone: 078 9620111

As far as the weather goes here on the East coast, it certainly feels as though we’re done with winter. Although some mornings are still fairly cold, the days have become increasingly warmer.

It seems that I am not alone in finding very little time to flick a fly these days, as reports of fly-caught fish have been scarce of late.

On a brighter note, reports of increased kingfish activity in the harbour are worth a mention. Numerous chases, boils and fleeing baitfish have been seen in amongst the moored yachts at the yacht mole. Other areas that often hold kingfish, are areas where deep water meets the side, with little to no shallow water for the baitfish to hide in, e.g., quay sides, wharfs, jetties etc. These areas often host shoals of kingfish at specific times of the tide. I have found that the time of the day is less important than the time of the tide, that being, the closer to spring high tides, the better. So, fishing the hour or two before high tide and the hour or two afterwards has proven most effective.

The Umgeni River mouth is still looking very promising. The channel leading out of the estuary is still flowing very deep and wide, with serious potential for big fish to move in and out of the estuary. Speaking to one of the guys who fished the estuary earlier this month using ultralight dropshot rigs, he and a couple of mates were hooking into, landing, and releasing well over ten kob each. Albeit the fish were small, under 30cm length, this is evidence of the estuary still acting as a nursery for juvenile fish either passing through or making it their temporary home. This being said, CAR is highly encouraged, and a pleasant sight to see it being practiced more and more.

There has also been mention of a few garrick being caught recently, so if you’re in the right place, at the right time, with the right fly in the water, you still have a chance of hooking into that trophy fish. Until next time, tight lines.  


Umgeni mouth