Flyfishing report: Yellowfish - Middle Vaal

Date of Report: Tuesday, 6th September 2022
Name: Anthea Piater
Phone: 082 403 2741

With stable river levels and the onset of warmer weather, the Mid-Vaal saw a flurry of desperate anglers eager to wet a line during the beginning of August. Although water temps were still reasonably cold, those willing to brave the chilly water of the early season managed to catch yellowfish in the deeper calmer runs, where big fish were stacking up and getting ready to move into the shallower water. Towards the end of the month with increasing water temps, the yellowfish were a lot more active and one could comfortably start targeting them in shallower sections. The visibility of the Vaal has also been improving daily and one can now easily sight fish to Yellowish flashing in shallower water. The improvement in the water clarity has also afforded a great opportunity for targeting Largemouth yellowfish. The hot afternoons have resulted in prolific Mayfly and Caddis hatches, superb conditions for dry fly action, with which some anglers have been having much success just before sunset. The catfish, carp and mud fish have also been active, and the cats can be easily targeted in the early morning and late afternoon when they are schooling and gorging themselves on the hatches. So far it has been a fantastic start to Yellow Season and it will be well worth making a trip to the Vaal to indulge in a lucrative day of Flyfishing.