• We have an individual and collective responsibility to protect the integrity of fly-fishing and to avoid anything that brings the sport into disrepute.
  • The interests of fly fishers, both individual and group interests, must be respected and should be regarded no less important than our own.
  • All fly fishers are entitled to fish their rightful water unchallenged by unreasonable demands or by the unwarranted intrusions of fellow anglers.
  • There is no place in fly-fishing for the fish we hunt to suffer unnecessarily or to be abused in any way.
  • We have an individual and collective obligation to do all we can to maintain the well-being of the environment and to contribute to its sustainability.
  • Wherever possible, we should keenly share our competence and knowledge with fellow anglers and assist in their development and understanding of the sport.
  • We should never obstruct anyone’s entry into fly-fishing, nor their development and well-being within the sport.