Date of Report: Friday, 3rd May 2019
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Name: Louis de Jager (Cape Piscatorial Society Secretary)
Phone: 021-4247725

The rivers are in good condition, cool and flowing at a medium level as we have not had heavy winter rains yet, so they are just right for dry fly. The Molenaars/Smalblaar/Elandspad system is particularly good and the average size has improved as the previous drought has thinned out the over- populated sections. The Holsloot is also showing signs of recovery after the disastrous landslides a few years ago. The Witte, a brown trout stream, on the other hand will take some years to recover from the drought. Note that all rivers close at the end of May until Sept 1.

Our main stillwater venue, Lakenvlei Dam at Ceres, is coming into its own again now that water temperatures have dropped with several rainbows in the 45cm to 50cm class netted.


The Molenaars section – photo by Tim Rolston.