FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - Upper South Coast

Date of Report: Wednesday, 17th May 2017
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Name: Roger Gurr
Phone: 082 464 6350

Hello Everyone,

                                  Wow !!!! Talk about rain, rain and more rain, from last Thursday until yesterday lunch time it just rained. All the rivers in the upper south coast area have opened and dirty water is flowing into the sea so we will have to wait for a week or so before any fly fishing will be fruitfull if at all because fishing in general has been poor of late.

Martin Smuts fished Durban harbour recently and had two good days. No big fish but he caught 9  species. This happened twice so here are the species he caught. Kingfish, Shad, Grunter, Queen fish (Needle Scale Queen Fish) Torpedo Scadd, a Rockcod, a Kob and a Sole. Not bad for a day’s outing when the bait fishermen were not catching.

The bay has not been fishing well lately. A report from Fynlands Angling Club three weeks back said that 43 anglers caught I think 12 fish and the biggest was only 1,4Kgs so not great at the moment.

However, we fishermen always believe, “Today will be different” when we leave home for a day on the bay. And I would not want that to change that thinking for anything, so, keep fishing !!

Peter Lehman, Marius Groenewald and Stan Stanton fished the north coast two Saturdays ago north of Ballito, a stretch of about 16 Kilometers. A hard day’s walking,  20 fish and three species for the day. It was an exploratory trip to try to find less fished areas of our coastline and as such I think they succeeded so we will be returning to that area soon.

 Marius, and his wife Sharlene went to Kosi Bay recently to fish the lakes and the area around the entrance to Kosi. They were joined later by Peter Lehman and had a great time getting to know the lakes, estuary and surf zone.

They learned a lot and caught some Kingfish, Wave Garrick and an Indian Goat fish. Another trip is possible in November.

Peter was standing fishing waist deep where lakes two and three meet very early one morning when a hippo surfaced not more than 15 meters from him. I think the water took a while to clear after his hasty retreat. We sometimes forget where we are in Africa, a wild place with wild animals so, Please remember where you are and be carefull!!!

Till next time.

Have fun.