FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Trout - North Eastern Cape Highlands

Date of Report: Friday, 2nd November 2018
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Name: Dave Walker
Phone: 082 886 6690


According to Dave Walker the rivers are extremely low and apart from going down to the Kraai to look for yellowfish there is little to offer those looking for trout until the summer rains commence. Bookings are now open for the Wild Trout Festival which starts on 16 March and bookings have opened. For festival bookings and accomodation contact Margie Murray (045-9719003) who handles the tourism office in Rhodes.

Maclear & Ugie

Colin Moolman of the club reports that the rivers remain extremely low so there is virtually no stream fishing taking place. On November 7th the forestry waters will be opened, and permits can be obtained for both their rivers and dams. The club itself has some well stocked dams outside the forestry areas which are currently producing rainbows up to 59cm. Another stocking of 13 000 fingerlings in all the dams is scheduled for November 24.

The annual Rapture of the River Festival was cancelled for 2018 but the club committee is confident that that next year will be a better one for the rivers so that the Rapture of the River festival has been scheduled for 10 to 11 May 2019.

Barkly East

The Barkly East Angling Society has access to a surprising amount of stream fishing. This includes not only the well known Langkloof near the town which is renowned for large rainbows, but also rivers like the Saalboom and Vaalhoek and parts of the Diepspruit and Vlooikraal to name a few. In addition, there are several trout dams which are highly productive waters with trophy sized fish and a new dam which has been stocked with browns which will only be opened for fishing later. Day tickets at R150,00 are available from Andrew Clark at 084 5166471 or

Apart from the trout fishing there is the Kraai River close to the town which gives excellent yellowfishing when it is low and clear with the occasional good- sized trout as well.

Lady Grey

Denise Ross tells us the Karringmelkspruit is low but fishable and the fish this season are fewer in number but larger which is a promising change. Last summer’s flood made major changes to the river with some new pools opening up. It also inundated the new river-side chalet but fortunately it was insured and therefore quickly repaired.


The Kraai River downstream from Barkly East.