Date of Report: Monday, 9th October 2017
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Name: Peter Arderne
Phone: 0118823051


John Hunter of the Village Angler reports that the rainfall in the area has varied from 40cm to 55cm last week and then on Monday/Tuesday this week there is a 100% chance of rain with the possibility of heavy falls. Last week the Crocodile River was flowing strongly with both the Jansens Club dam and the big Municipal dam overflowing strongly. Most dams in the area were fairly full before the rains commenced so this is a good start to the Spring/Summer. Flies working well have been the Papa Roach, Damsel patterns, buzzers and spinners. Usually there is plenty of surface activity at this time of year but cold fronts coming through have kept the fish down. TFFC’s waters have been regularly stocked in the last 2 months and a good number of browns are being caught and released. For more information go to

The Dullstroom Bonanza finished last Sunday with 92 competitors participating. With R200 000 worth of prizes on offer it was as usual a success with all profits going to local charity.

There is also the popular Elandskloof Trout Festival to look forward to on 21 October. To book contact


Rainfall reached 100 ml in the last 2 weeks with more to come, but fewer than usual anglers for this time of year have visited the club waters which are well stocked.

For more information phone Sarie at 079 6080734 or Bok at 082 2557290.


Fairly good rains have fallen but more is needed to get the Sabie flowing well. Once this happens the river will be restocked but at the moment fishing pressure is low. Big Sky also has their own put and take water, Horseshoe Dam which is a good place for novices to try their hand. Phone Andrew at 013-7642682.


Elandskloof Trout Farm