Date of Report: Friday, 17th August 2018
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Name: Peter Arderne
Phone: 0118823051


According to John Hunter of the Village Angler the fishing during the last month has been quite tough with strong August winds making conditions very unpleasant at times. Most venues including the club’s Jansens Dam have proved very difficult on occasions.

Papa Roach and Wooly Buggers have been popular but with water warming to 11-12°C there have been hatches of caddis, dragons and even caenis. A surprising number of fish are already taking dries or sub-surface buzzers. It has been a dry winter, but dams are still reasonably full.

At the TFFC waters ( there will be stocking of browns next week which will be very welcome as browns have been hard to come by this year.


According to club chairman the Sabie Trout Challenge competition held on 28 July was a great success. The river was running well for this time of year but was very clear which meant that anglers using a careful approach and long thin leaders had the advantage. Fishing started at Ligna Lodge after a hearty breakfast and was concluded at 12.30. Winner was Craig McLean with Johan Ferreira in second place. Everyone agreed that this should be a regular event.


The Sabie River