Date of Report: Tuesday, 25th July 2017
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Name: Peter Arderne
Phone: 0118823051


John Hunter of the Village Angler reports that the fishing has been very variable. In fact, this is often not the best month to fish for trout as many fish are in spawning mode and not feeding regularly. His favoured rig is a floating line with small imitations drifting with the wind or moved very slowly. At TFFC’s Middelpunt waters tube anglers were taking their fish at deep levels. It was noted that fish were not chasing flies retrieved at any speed.

The club’s Jansens Dam is producing fish while the club has also stocked Town Dam and Oak Lane Dam and there fishing there has been fair.

As we move into mid-August and the water starts to warm up and here is greater insect activity catches should improve.

There is great excitement in Dullstroom as it has been chosen as the World Fly Fishing Masters Tournament in February 2019 and inspection of the various to be fished will be inspected next year.


It has been very quiet over the last few weeks with very few people fishing. An exception was the Mpumalanga Flyfishing team of 8 who had a practice session and they did quite well on the waters.

 For more information phone Sarie at 079 6080734 or Bok at 082 2557290.


The Sabie river is down to winter level and there have been very few people who have fished it recently. Big Sky also has their own put and take water, Horseshoe Dam which is a good place for novices to try their hand. Phone Andrew at 013-7642682.


Dam 7 at Middelpunt