FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Yellowfish - Middle Vaal

Date of Report: Thursday, 10th August 2017
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Name: Ian Couryer
Phone: 082 306 5929

Ian Couryer reports that it is disappointing that the visibility this winter has been bad probably because flows have been bounced around and very few fish have been caught on the dry. He has heard of a couple of smallish largemouths in the 7lb class coming out probably on attractor flies but here also the problem has been poor visibility.

As it warms up he says you should start seeing small tan caddis about and you should start to see fish rising for them at he heads of pools in deeper water. If you nymph the deeper glides below the fast water you may pick up fish. Use big mustard caddis and Copper John’s on dropper and hot spot or grhe in 16 on point.