Date of Report: Thursday, 26th October 2017
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Name: Scotty Kyle

The good news is that temperatures are rising and some excellent fish have been seen and almost landed. Some shoals of GT’s have been seen in the lakes and some excellent fish have been hooked but none yet reported landed. The fish varied in size from a few kilograms to about 30 kg. These are very early days this season but at least some amazing fish are being seen in the lakes. This is very early for them but as temperatures continue to rise things could become quite interesting.

Otherwise the lakes are still quiet although one or two good rock salmon have been caught and it would be really good if they were more abundant than they were here last year.

Shoals of various kingfish species of smaller size have also been seen in all three lakes and so we really hope that this year will be much better than last year in the lakes.

In the ocean things are also improving quite markedly with a few excellent spotted pompano being caught as well as bastard mullets. One or two bluefin, bigeye and greenspot kingfish have been seen but they are still pretty scarce. Kosi Mouth has been quite interesting recently with shoals of small kingfishes around and taking the fly but the size of fish has generally been small.

These are still very early days for fly fishing but, so far, things are looking better than they were last year. Catches have been erratic but at times there have been large numbers of pompano in spots up and down the shore. It is, however, necessary to cover quite large distances up and down the beach to find areas where the fish are aggregating and interested in feeding.

This last winter season the shad were very quiet indeed and currently seem to be missing completely.

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