FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - Garden Route

Date of Report: Thursday, 27th April 2017
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Name: Brian Sowden
Phone: 076 0525634

Great Brak

A few grunter and Garrick coming out.

Klein Brak

Pretty quiet at the moment with a few grunter and Garrick being caught. Robin Fick reports the licencing of the boat launching site at the end of 6de Laan has commenced.


The mouth is still closed. Garrick, grunter and kob are being caught. The area above and below the train bridge has produced some good-sized garrick.With the high water level the usual grunter feeding banks are too deep for wading.

Goukamma - Buffalo Bay

The mouth is closed and the water level is very high. Very little grunter activity but some nice kob being caught. Best place for them is upriver. Fishing only allowed between 6 in the morning and 6 in the evening.


Grunter and garrick very with kob upriver. The water in the lagoon is very cold and most activity is from the white bridge upstream where the water is a couple of degrees warmer.

Plettenberg Bay

Niel Malan  reports that he was in the Plett area and fished six or seven times for about 2-4 hours per session.

Fished the Poortjies/Lemon Grass restaurant area four times: caught 3 small shad, 10 large moonies, 4 gorries (new species for Niel) and 2 small garrick, one tagged.

Went to Bitou blind arm and sandbanks a few times. Got there a bit late tide-wise. There were quite a few small grunter in shallow water, but no takes. Disappeared after 20 min. Only 1 small bite on a prawn imitation when I tried for small leeries. Very quiet . Caught 5 small leeries. Max 35cm.

Had another session targeting leeries only: caught 8, most over 40 and largest 61cm. Tagged 4.

Most success was on a small olive over white craft fur baitfish fly tied on #8 /6 Gamakatsu SC15 - trailed 40 cm behind a larger fly. 1.5" length. Even several of the larger leeries took this small fly. It looks like Gilchristella estuarius or Atherina breviceps, so is the right size and colour for them to expect.

So, nothing spectacular, but still fun. My best leerie session was in howling strong winds that nearly blew me off my feet on a few occasions. This has happened before, so get out there regardless of the weather!


Niel Malan with a striped mullet