FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - Garden Route

Date of Report: Monday, 28th January 2019
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Name: Brian Sowden
Phone: 076 0525634

Natures Valley

Quite a few Garrick were caught in the estuary, mainly on surface flies like poppers and flippers. A grunter or two also came out that fell to a floating prawn imitation.

Plettenberg Bay

Plett's Bitou river was very productive with plenty garrick falling to the fly.

The odd Grunter was also fooled with prawn imitations.

And quite a few mullet was caught while a chum was created.

Sven Frank was successful with garrick in particular using a popper for surface action and also cleaned up the stretch of water he was fishing.

Alan Botton got himself a grunter and when he gutted it found a handful of seahorses in its stomach.

Niel Malan caught a few garrick, grunter and mullet


Luke vd Heever was also very successful targeting garrick which were caught mainly on surface flies. He also hooked a few Grunter.

Kyle Ovens had a nice story to share with us.

"Targeting grunter on Knysna lagoon yesterday with my mate Gavin. I had put a few casts out to sighted grunter pretty close in which had my heart pounding, the sizable fish looked like it was feeding on crabs in the grass. Few cast’s later the fish was staring back at me and unlike most spooked grunter was not exiting the scene. I walked up to the fish and still did not spook until I tried to tail and pick up but it kicked itself free and bolted ! How strange I thought. For a moment I felt I met my totem animal and the ancestors were sending me a message. Next moment Gavin shouts he had spotted a fish tailing/rolling in a strange manner and made a few casts towards the fish. He then noticed the yellow builder’s line trailing. This poor fish took a night line and was totally exhausted. Fish released we decided to remove the line. We then came across 2 more lines whilst wading into one. We opted to remove these unattended lines. I did question our decision initially to remove the lines as this was a local fisherman’s lines, but felt as they were unattended warranted the decision. These hooks and lines could easily cause harm to a person or animal/bird, never mind the poor fish left fighting for its life for hours."

Knysna had a good Garrick and Grunter numbers over season, conventional fishermen caught Grunter over 70 cm on a regular basis.


With the mouth still open fly fisher folk had a great time with the long rod in Sedgefield targeting Grunter, Garrick and Mullet.

Above the train bridge is some really big fish and striped mullet the size of my arm. If targeted they will give you a good fight on fly.

Mossel Bay

Robin Fick reported that his mate Anton was out at Mossel Bay catching Bonito's of the boat. These little torpedos will give you quite the rev on a fly rod and also makes for great Sashimi.

Goukamma, Klein Brak and Groot Brak

Garrick, which were generally present all over the place, were caught on surface flies and minnow imitations. Grunter mainly fell to prawn imitations like the Jam fly and AGHA fly.


Overall the Garden Route had a good result when it came to targeting fish on the fly. With warm water the fish were very active and pleased the long rodders.


Sven Frank’s garrick


Sea horses found in a grunter


Fly-caught bonito