FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - Garden Route

Date of Report: Saturday, 24th March 2018
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Name: Brian Sowden
Phone: 076 0525634

Klein Brak

 Plenty of juvenile garrick caught on surface flies and minnow imitations. Plenty of grunter that have mainly refused flies. One angler managed to land a blacktail on what seems to be an olive Crazy Charlie.

Rains brought down some dirty water that made the anglers excited about targetting kob, but no luck thus far.

Groot Brak

Grunter and garrick, but not in great numbers. Slim pickings.


Mouth still open - Plenty garrick caught on surface and minnow flies. Grunter above the bridge that are very difficult at the moment as they refuse all types of flies cast to them. They initially show interest and then turn away as the do most times. Kob can be found in the deeper holes.


Mouth has opened again, but banks changed somewhat – A few small garrick have fallen to minnow iimmitations.


At the moment there are some really huge garrick in the lagoon as well as very large grunters- If the angler has the patience he can wade the many banks accessible and target them with flies like the jam fly or the new grunter sensation fly, the AGHA fly. In general, the juvenile garrick have been caught in large numbers on the surface with minnow immitations.

Plettenberg Bay

A few striped mullet fell to the fly - I know a very small popper can fool these fish, but it works better when the water has been chummed and the fish goes into a feeding frenzy. Also, garrick coming out, caught on poppers and gurglers which induce a more exciting surface smash


Striped mullet