FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Trout - East Free State & Lesotho

Date of Report: Tuesday, 27th November 2018
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Name: Andre Burger
Phone: 083 632 8729

Eastern Free State

Some nice trout have been taken from the Klein Caledon but the stream is low for this time of year and we need rain urgently. There is no change at Townlands Dam at Clarens which the Municipality seem to be unable to fill it on a regular basis. For this reason we cannot risk another stocking. However, one can still depend on the Ash River which is the outlet for the Katse Dam, but we are no longer seeing any trout of really large size which was a feature of the water some years back.

As we are now well into summer now I am spending most of my time at Sterkfontein where the fishing has been good, but we are seeing increased numbers of anglers as those who fished the Vaal are no longer prepared to risk their health by exposing themselves to the highly polluted water.

Lesotho report from Keith at Tourette

Keith Clover reports that they had a good opening of the season at the Makhangoa Community Camp in early November with sufficient flow to trigger the yellowfish migration up the Bokong, but cool enough to keep the trout on the bite. But more rain is needed and the Katse Dam is sitting at only 45% so we need an above average rainfall to increase the level significantly.


Anglers setting up tackle on the Bokong