FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Yellowfish - East Free State

Date of Report: Tuesday, 14th November 2017
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Name: David Weaver
Phone: 083 303 4230

The summer is creeping in faster than we think and yet the water temperatures in Sterkies remain in the mid-teens.  For the dam to really get going we need water temperatures over 18*.  If you are wanting to come down in the early season you will need to watch the weather very closely and make sure that the pressures are stable and the skies, clear.

We had tough fishing over the weekend but managed a few fish.  Pressure on the dam was high with the TCFF people scattered like tin soldiers on every available lee-ward bank.  We had to really search for fish and when we found them they were keener taking a nymph than sipping a dry fly.  So, it is still a case that if you are wanting to take a few fish in a weekend… you will have to go to the ‘Dark Side’ and do some nymphing.

The dam is filling up nicely with the official figure being at 97%.  I would call it as saying that it is about 1.8m from full. 

A very disturbing factor is the increase in commercial fisherman in the area around the quarry.  Stay away from this area as it will just upset you.

Insect activity.  Copper beetles are starting to hatch and as normal there are a lot of hopper in the bankside vegetation.  With the rising water levels, hoppers are my dry fly of choice.  Light brown, beige with orange and red in the wings.

The caddis hatches are all but over and I have still not seen any ants.

See you on the water.