YELLOWFISH WORKING GROUP - YWG Newsletter: September 2016

Dear All,

Here are some news items for this month’s letter:


The main yellowfish spawning season commences soon:

October is normally the main breeding season for most of our yellowfishes although repeat spawning may occur right through to early autumn. Unfortunately, we too often hear of fly fishers trampling spawning beds and disturbing spawners both in our rivers and the spawning areas of Sterkfontein Dam. We suggest if you wish to encourage fellow flyfishers to behave in an ethical way you download the leaflet, ‘Sustainable Yellowfishing’ on our website - click here.

EWT’s Source to Sea Programme Newsletter

The September newsletter prepared by Bridget Corrigan is available if you click here. It includes interesting news on the Amathole Freshwater Species Conservation Project, the Cape Critical Rivers Project and the Marico Catchment Conservation Project.

Anti-Poaching/Illegal Netting on the Vaal

Further to our report in the July 2016, we have had a great deal of feedback and positive outcomes. We are making slow but steady progress on this ongoing problem, but with  your continued input, surveillance and efforts we can make a sizeable impact. Thanks to all who have contributed valuable information and suggestions. They include not only individuals and fishers but also many of the resorts and tourist establishments. We will continue to keep you monitored of developments.

Youth Fly-Fishing Education Programme – by Chris Williams

This is progressing at a rapid pace thanks to enthusiastic and competent support especially in the Gauteng, Free State and Mpumalanga provinces. To give you a brief background, this is aimed at children of all ages and from all backgrounds. The programme in its basic form gives boys and girls a holistic picture of the need for water health, conservation and care for the environment, interaction with the aquatic fauna and flora and field trips to rivers and dams for fishing and biometric water studies. In addition, we have a qualified team of teachers and guides on board to assist on making this work.  It caters for youth of all school grades with an increasingly detailed programme as the boy or girl progresses.  We have initially targeted several local schools and institutions from all sectors of our society for our pilot programme. We have received tremendous support not only from fly fishers but also from the schools themselves, NPO’s, tourism venues and from the general public. A special mention – and thanks - to those who have already set up programmes in their local areas and who have given us great input on how such a venture should operate in practice.  We are still working on the final logistics of the programme but we aim to keep it as simple and user-friendly as possible. We hope to make this a module which by ‘teaching the teachers’ we can also ensure this received nationwide coverage. Any ideas or contacts you may have on this gratefully received!   You can contact me at 



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