YELLOWFISH WORKING GROUP - YWG Newsletter: August 2016

Dear All,

Herewith the August news:


South African Swimway Programme:

This programme which is being initiated by Gordon O’Brien and colleagues and which is an objective of the World Fish Migration Foundation seeks to protect our migratory fishes and their ecosystems in our country. The vision statement includes the fact that migratory fishes and the connectivity of healthy river ecosystems that these fishes depend on are a major component of our aquatic ecosystems. Some pilot projects are being initiated and others developed including the Sabie River Swimway project. To read more about the programme and to get everyone involved click here.

A notable advance for environmental rights.

In April the CER (Centre for Environmental Rights) congratulated the DEA for its decision to make environmental licences available to the public automatically without requiring the submission of a request in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA).

This has been followed on July 1 by the DWS announcing that it will make water use licences and audit and compliance reports automatically available. The CER points out that the accessibility of the reports is as important as the accessibility of licences as it enables civil society to monitor environmentally harmful operations.

We strongly recommend that everyone on our YWG list have their names placed on the CER circulation list by going to and scrolling down to the bottom of their home page.

The National Biodiversity Assessment for 2018

The CSIR has published the outline for this which includes a link to the Freshwater Ecosystems page. To access this Click here.





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