Date of Report: Monday, 12th February 2018
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Name: Capt. Louis Day
Phone: 082 555 8317

Hermanus & Bot River lagoons

Both these estuaries have not opened for the second year running. After being very full in November the levels of both lagoons have dropped due to evaporation. There has been little fishing done recently although several large elf and kob have been caught on live bait in Hermanus lagoon.

De Mond

This estuary has fished well over the festive season and has remained open. Recently large shoals of grunter were migrating out to sea through the shallow mouth and several were caught by hand.

Breede River.

I was up at this estuary 2 weeks ago and have never seen so many young fish.  Grunter, Steenbras, elf and streepies. The water temperature at 24C° as ideal, but we caught virtually no adult fish and we believe that these had moved out to sea for the time being. However, several cold fronts passed through with rain and once the weather settles down it should be good fishing again as Feb is normally a prime month for the Breede. 


Conditions were very similar to the Breede, but there was more fresh water coming in as the reservoirs upstream were overflowing after good rains in the mountains.


The boats off Cape Point have taken yellowtail and yellowfin tuna but the catches are down on last year.


De Mond