FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - Port Elizabeth

Date of Report: Tuesday, 3rd July 2018
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Name: Gary Grobler
Phone: 0823520336

Plenty of cob and musselcracker have been taken along the coastline.

Gamtoos River: Our concerns have been confirmed. Gamtoos River mouth has sanded over. This is sad as it is a lovely river to fish. Only time will tell. The water temperature is currently sitting at 17 degrees but with the cold snap gripping the East Cape will most likely drop to 14.5-15 degrees by the weekend.

Flat rocks -  As winter sets in fewer blacktail have been taken but size on size larger than in summer months.

Swartkops River – Plenty of garrick are still been taken with the odd grunter in the mix. Garrick are a real pleasure to catch on fly. Those new to saltwater flyfishing need look no further than this good sport fish. Removed another gill net 3 weeks ago in the Sumcay area. Water is currently gin clear.

 Kromme River – No report

Sundays River – Some grunter in the 70 – 80cm range on drift prawn but no other reports.

Flies – Have been playing around with a baby squid pattern in colours pink over white. Using an intermediate line on the dropping tide and the garrick seem to love it. See below