FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - Upper South Coast

Date of Report: Friday, 16th November 2018
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Name: Roger Gurr
Phone: 082 464 6350

Hello Everyone,

                              The weather these past six weeks has been nothing but strong winds from east and west day after day, resulting in rough seas and poor fishing conditions, even for shore fishermen using heavy tackle and impossible for fly fishing at all.

The only place to get a decent day’s fly fishing has been Durban harbour.

In late September I fished with Martin Smuts and he caught a nice Springer after we heard that friends of ours had caught a few Springer the day before. Since then Martin has fished the bay and had some wonderful days on the water.

I am included below his whatsapp reports for you all to read just to show you all, that the bay can be very productive, if you are prepared to put in the hours and experiment with different flies and retrieves.

Most of the fish have been caught on an olive green winged Charlie and on cracker shrimp flies, using a slow to medium retrieve with a pause now and again. See the photos below

15th November

Hey Roger, I just got back, phew, long day. Lots of grunter tailing, I couldn't get a big one to eat, I caught about 6 small grunter. 3 needle scale queenfish, 2 kingies, 1 perch, a couple of small gurnard and one big gurnard and that silver bream. Oh yes, and another mullet. Also hooked a skate, sheesh, my reel has never screamed like that before, I got all the way back to my leader only for him to rush off again and eventually he snapped the leader. It was a tough day but fun none the less.

[11/09, 15:39] Martin Smuts: Hi Roger. Just wanted to let you know what an awesome day I had at the harbour today. Landed 8 Springer, lost 3, biggest 57cm. 7 grunter biggest about 40cm. 2 perch not very big. 2 gurnard small. and one big mullet about 45cm. Fished on the other side of the concrete block at royal Zulu, got most of the Springer there. Then towards the mangroves, just across from the concrete block, is where I caught the grunter and everything else.

[11/09, 15:42] Martin Smuts: The grunter where not tailing much today. Close to low tide, fishing just over the drop off and into the shallows, casting at fish movement, even at the mullet, is how I got the grunter today, in shallow water not more than a meter deep. The grunter where very eager today.

So, my thanks to Martin for his contribution to this month’s report and I hope on my next trip to Durban Harbour I have half as much fun as he has had!!

That’s all for now.