FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - Upper South Coast

Date of Report: Wednesday, 28th February 2018
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Name: Roger Gurr
Phone: 082 464 6350

Hello Everyone.

                               Once again we have had good rains so all of the upper south coast rivers are pushing brown water into the sea so no fly fishing here for a few days. (Sorry you guys in Cape Town-if we could we would redirect some of the rains to you with pleasure)

Anyway, I have not had any news of fish being caught on fly in this area but with the rivers open, once the seas clear up we might have some fun.

Peter Lehman booked Mabibi camp from the 10th to the 18th of February, got us all to commit and pay and then quietly sneaked out of the trip. Very clever move which got us away for a wonderful fishing trip whilst he stayed behind and worked. I think it’s a great way to get your mates onto the water in an amazing and unspoilt part of Kwazulu-Natal on the North Coast. (So, I guess we owe you one Peter)

The trip was enjoyed by all who went and as it was Martin Smuts first trip he managed to fish himself to an absolute standstill.  I think he slept most of the way home.

Mabibi is a beautiful, if very simple camp to make as your base camp and from there you can fish Island Rock, Lala Neck, Rocktail Bay and Black Rock, my favourite beach/point on the entire KZN coast. (check it out on Google Earth)

A walk at night up the beach to the north at this time a year may result in witnessing turtles building their nests and laying their eggs. Please only use red night lights as I have heard that bright white lights confuse the turtles.

Most of the fishing on this trip was done to the south of  Mabibi point to about three kilometres south. In total roughly 200 fish were caught and released between he six of us, and seventeen species were accounted for, these being;

Blacktail, Greenspot King fish, Bluefin King fish, Yellowfin King fish, GT’s, Rainbow and Ladder Wrasse, Cigar Wrasse, Wave Garrick, Stone Bream, Smelt, Bastard Mullet, Kite fish (Cape Moonies) Flagtail, Indian Goat fish, Sergeant Major, Russel Snapper, Rockcod, and Lizard fish.

The most successful flies were Orange Clouser, Orange Charlies and orange Ruffies , with pink and chartreus Maxis and yellow and white Clousers taking some fish as well. Martin Smuts was chatting to a few local bait fishermen and found out they fish almost exclusively with rock bait so that may be why orange flies proved soo successfull.

President Mike Zuma handed in his catch report as :

Two million, eh four thousand of hundreds, twenty six en eh, um, listen properly, twenty and three fish, or um something like that???

The weather was a mixed bag with some perfect days and some days with strong winds and rain thrown in for good measure but all in all a great trip enjoyed by everyone.

So, with our new president a lover of fly fishing we may just be in for a better year in 2018. Who knows??

That’s all for now folks.

Have fun and be safe.



Rainbow wrasse


Bluefin kingfish