FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Yellowfish - Middle Vaal

Date of Report: Saturday, 14th October 2017
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Name: Ian Couryer
Phone: 082 306 5929

The Mid-Vaal went up to 60 cumecs after the rain last week. It dropped fairly quickly though I am sure it has been fishable for the last few days. At a flow of even 40 cumecs wading would be fine at most places except possibly Ben Joh. Visibility won’t be that great though you can catch plenty of fish if vis is better than 10 cms and I should guess it is better than that now. Speaking of pollution 2 weeks ago there were no fish around and definite waste odours with the culprits probably Parys municipality. At the upper end of Eagles Nest visibility was not great, only about 20cm, with temperature of 20°C with no fish evident at Woelwaters and Arends Nest. On the rising river level there were hundreds of carp and muddies spawning. The good flows also flushed out the river which is a good thing.

Please be careful not to disturb spawning yellows or trample their spawning beds because this is the onset of their spawning period.

I will be fishing in the Standerton area this weekend.


Spawning yellows