FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Trout - Winterberg & Stormberg

Date of Report: Friday, 17th May 2019
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Name: Martin Davies
Phone: 082 398 1088 or 046 622 4423

Although the water level is below 40% fishing continues to be very good with most anglers taking 5 to 8 rainbows per day. One must remember that this is a very large dam and even at 40% this still represents over 100 hectares of water. The water is now very clear with quite a bit of weed. Fish stocked at a half gram 5 months ago are already 200g which is an indication of the remarkable fertility of this water.

On the other side of the Winterberg mountain which receives more rain all the Redcliffe dams are full and the self-cateringcottage close to the Ventnor Dam is now open to visitors.

STORMBERG (Queenstown & districts)

The Queenstown Fly Fishers Club chairman, Reg Morgan (082 7033489 & 045-8381854) reports that they have had some rain and the 4 Birds River dams and George’s Dam are full while other such as the big Pinegrove Dam still need some filling, but in general they are quite well off compared to other parts of the Eastern Cape. As availability of accommodation at the waters has improved significantly in the last year the rod pressure has increased so the club has decided to close each dam for one week in the month on a rotational basis. However, as the club manages some 20 dams totalling over 40 hectares of water there is still plenty of fishing water available at any one time.

The date for the annual Gathering for 2019 has been set for 3 to 5 July and so far 20 anglers have booked including a team from the Western Cape and more participants are expected.

The club website is at


Alan Hobson reports that Mountain Dam continues to fish well with some really good fish coming out. The 3 Shelton dams which are situated on the Bosberg on the road to Mountain Dam are now also open for trout fishing. The Naude’s River up in the waterfall area plus Mill Dam at Glen Avon are also very fishable.

The the yellowfishing in the Little Fish below the town continues through the winter. In the next couple of weeks the water from Gariep will be closed so the canal can be serviced and this results in the water clearing so sight fishing for yellows can be practised for several weeks.

Alan may be contacted at 042-2433440 or 0824422884.


Mountain Dam