Date of Report: Tuesday, 30th October 2018
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Name: Tim Rolston
Phone: 083 626 0467

According to CPS secretary Louis De Jager the conditions are perfect at the moment. During last week’s festival participants caught and release large numbers of rainbows on the Saturday. On the Smalblaar catches were in the ltwenties with sizes ranging from 20cm to 30cm mainly, but with the odd 35cm fish. Average catch size for the Elandspad was higher but of course sizes tended to be smaller. A couple of anglers have fished the lowest section of the Smalblaar River which is called the Molenaars and here one can expect to net about 4-5 fish per day in the 20 to 40 cm range. None of the participants ventured to the Holsloot during the festival weekend but apparently catch sizes are in the 4 to 5 range.

Conditions all round are excellent for dry fly but plenty of fish are being taken on nymphs.

At Lakenvlei in the Ceres district we believe the average size coming out is 40cm and as the water warms up one can expect fishing to become more difficult unless one fishes really well down. As in the case of the streams all fishing in Lakenvlei is catch and release.


The Molenaars section