Date of Report: Thursday, 3rd May 2018
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Name: Brian Clark
Phone: 082 537 3285

Sand River Dam, the only local dam with trout at the moment is 80% full even though the city is drawing water from it. There is some concern about the availability of yearlings to stock Sand River in future as the Rhodes University hatchery will probably close permanently. Yearlings are required for this fishery as bass are also present.

Bulk River Dam which is the alternative local trout water was almost emptied by the city during the drought, but is now back to 98% full and we are planning to stock it with brown fingerlings later this year.

Apparently, the Upper van Stadens Dam is being dredged and when it has refilled we are considering also stocking it with brown fingerlings.

Our local club, the EP Freshwater Fish Conservancy organised an outing to Thrift on 27 to 29 April. Surprisingly only about 26 trout were taken but possibly this was because a group from Johannesburg were there the previous week and caught about 300, the majority of which were released. Another outing will take place to Gubu Dam on the weekend of 16/17 June and then it will be Baviaanskloof from bass later in the year.


Sand River Dam