Environmental issue/project: Illegal netting
Date: 2012-02-11

Name of person reporting: Theo Thomson-Roberts
Email address: rptheor@gmail.com
Phone: +27836819664

Description of issue:
Suikerbosch River,Vereeniging This is my one of my close by fishing spot for yellows. I have noticed the drastic decrease of yellows over the last few months. I now realize why ? None of the fish netted is released , from 10cm upwards , claimed to be food no matter the size. The parents sits on a nearby bank and encourage the yougsters to catch more. I've approched them and said it's illegal , but they just watch me with empty eyes and carry on. What am I allowed to do ? . I feel like becoming part of nature conservation , that will give me the authority to stop this , even going as far as removing it from their possession !

Review of Issue
The matter of illegal netting has become a scourge on nearly all our rivers with the Vaal the worst affected. FOSAF Northvaal have harnessed the cooperation of fishers, guides and yellowfish destinations to combat this problem and this has met with some success. It should be noted that this netting and the use of long lines is being carried out on a large scale commercial basis which is unsustainable. On the other hand no action is taken against genuine subsistence fishers who stand to lose the most. This Vaal campaign is being co-ordinated by Chrisc Williams at chris@williamsandwilliams.co.za.

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